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Goal Setting: February πŸ’•2019… β€œThink PINK!”

February 2019 Goals

Hi πŸ‘‹ peeps,

So what’s next???

Setting Goals for February of course πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

I’m a goal setter. I think it’s important everyone set goals. I make my 10 year old daughter Allie… set goals. I even try to get my Kitty 🐱 and perfect strangers to set goals.

Goal setting has changed my life!

My life used to suck before goal setting. I was always depressed. I never understood why. I had zero drive. No motivation. I’d lay down watch tv and wonder why my life sucked so much.

Not only did I not really know what it was that I wanted. I definitely never felt like I was worthy to have what I deserved or capable of achieving anything.

That all changed once I had the epiphany to set goals!

Why set goals?

Because if you want to achieve anything the first step is to -write it down-!

Seriously simply writing down what you want begins the process to achieving it.

Whatever it is you write down, it has to feel like it’s something that’s possible to achieve. Something “YOU KNOW” is already yours.

If the desire feels too overwhelming then cut it in half and see how that goal feels. If it still feels overwhelming cut it in half again until you find something “YOU KNOW” you can achieve.

The second step is to start the forward momentum to making it happen through “inspired” action.

What is inspired action?

Inspired action is an “internal” ideaπŸ’‘, desire or nudge to do something. Then doing it based on that internal desire.

Inspired action is NOT forced or stressed action. Meaning doing something because someone else told you to do it.

The best progress comes out of “the desire of something you want” then immediately having some ideas on what it is you should do next.

When you have this nudge to do something the very best thing to do is to do it in that moment… ASAP. If you wait the moment might pass and you could forget.

If it’s not possible for you to do it right away, then write the idea down and save it in a “to do” file. Schedule it in to your calendar πŸ“† to complete at a later date.

And the third step is to…

You know what.

I’m going to save that for my next month’s blog post. πŸ§—β€β™€οΈ (Yep, this blog has cliffhangers). Make sure you subscribe to receive the update.

Let’s get into February 2019 Goals:

In the month of February, I want to reach the next Presenter-ship box. Which is PINK Status!

So… how will I reach my Feb goal?

Will I chase down my friends and family and stock people I used to talk to on Facebook to buy products?


Will I begin spamming people on Facebook iMessenger who I don’t know telling them about my wonderful opportunity?

That’s sounds a little crazy. 😬

So what will I do?

Exactly what I said above.

Step 1: I desire to reach “Pink” Status.

So what will it take to achieve “Pink” Status?

For that I need to check my map… or in the case of running a Younique business… my map is the Younique compensation plan.

Because before we know where we are going (Pink)… we need to know where we are (Yellow).

Join Younique as a PresenterThe Younique Compensation Plan – Grow Your Business One Block At A Time!

So let’s break down YELLOW to PINK…

  • I personally need to have personal sales of at least $250/ month.
  • My company as a whole needs to sell $2,000 per month.
  • I need to have at least “1” Younique Presenter who has signed up under me.

Now immediately I don’t worry about sales revenue, making money and worrying about creating a downline.


I think when you obsess about the money that’s exactly when you become the Facebook stalker/ spammer. You start trying to recruit perfect strangers into your business and say how you’re all going to get rich quick. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Avoid. βœ‹

I use my formula instead.

  • Yellow sales= $500/ 3 orders
  • Average revenue per order= $167/ order
  • Pink sales= $2000/$167= 12 people

So in order to reach “Pink” Status, I need to help 12 people with their make up, skin care routine. And out of those 12, I need to support 1 of those people while they grow their new Younique Home-Based Business.

That’s the way I see it anyway and it makes me feel good to help people. I’m a mother and a Registered Nurse πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ after all. I’ve spent 15 years helping and caring for people.

I’m not here trying to shove products down peoples throats and make people buy stuff. Lol. I’m here to help people. If they want to buy it’s up to them, it really doesn’t matter to me because I know the right people will find exactly what they’re looking for. I’m merely the messenger.

It’s this kind of thinking, intention or mindset that keeps me relaxed and patient.

I know I will reach my goals. I always do!

Now on to the next step of “how” to help these people…

Step 2: I’m going to take inspired action

I believe in the “Law of Attraction” and I know the Universe is here to help me achieve my goal of PINK Presenter-ship Status.

So here goes!

-Steph ❀️

Bio: Steph is a mom, RN and Entrepreneur. She enjoys sharing her tips to help others live a great life.

P.S. Follow me on social media Facebook page, instagram, twitter and YouTube.

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