Sales, Earnings, Achievements: Younique By Steph- January 2019

Hey πŸ‘‹ peeps,

This is my first month as a Younique Presenter!

I wanted to post about my journey as a Younique Presenter because I feel it helps support those who are truly interested in joining the company any they want a bit of inspiration.

I love Jim Rohn.

If you aren’t sure who he is, well he’s a personal development/ business guru. He’s unfortunately deceased but he had some amazing advice that really has changed my life.

One of the philosophies Jim Rohn believes is…

“Profits are better than wages. Wages make you a living. Profits make you a fortune!”- Jim Rohn

So what exactly is Jim saying?

Well he’s saying that you go to work full time on your day job (I’m a RN) so that you can pay the bills and provide for the family. But to make a fortune, your goal should be to make profits.

What are profits?

Profits are earnings you make in business after all the business expenses are paid.

Why are profits so incredible?

Profits are incredible because they give you the potential to earn beyond what you make in your job while also having the opportunity to earn passive income.

Passive income means doing the work once and earning income at any time. eg. While you’re sleeping, while you’re travelling or while you’re working your day job.

I use social media to help women with their beauty and business goals, I do the work once -write/post this blog- but it’s always out there in the world for people to see years later and they can still use the links to purchase items on my Younique site.

And what’s great about a business like Younique…

  • Low Start Up Costs– A $119 Presenter Kit gets you $364 worth of make up products and is your business-in-bag so to speak. The average brick and mortar business can cost thousands to get started.
  • Work from Home– You don’t need to leave the house all the time to be sharing Younique with the world as Younique is mainly about sharing products you like and use anyway via social media.
  • Add Value for Your Customers by Helping Them To Get What They Want- The best way to be successful at Younique is by sharing the products you like anyway and helping women improve their beauty, self care and starting their own home based business… not selling, spamming or being pushy. No one likes a salesy pushy business person with that used car salesmen or telemarketer vibe… yuck!
  • Infuse YOU Into Your Business- I love Make Up and self care. I love to write, to help and to teach others to succeed. This just merely gives me a platform to share my passion and earn an income for the time I put in.

Joining Younique means purchasing a Presenter Kit which is an initial investment of $119 (plus shipping).

Younique Presenter kits are subject change but the current one includes the following:

Join Younique Presenter Steph Scott team

Younique Presenter Kit… only $119 ($364 value)

  • MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara – Black Waterproof
  • MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara – Black
  • MOODSTRUCK ESTEEM lash serum
  • DIP & DRAW eyeliner – Perfect
  • TOUCH Γ€ LA MODE powder luminizer – Benevolent
  • MOODSTRUCK pressed eye shadow quad palette – Agile, Marvelous, Discreet, and Gentle (4 colours)
  • YOUNIQUE fluffy crease brush
  • MOODSTRUCK SPLASH liquid lipstick – Sparkling
  • MOODSTRUCK SPLURGE cream eye shadow – Noble
  • YOUNIQUE cream eye shadow brush
  • LUCRATIVE lip gloss – Luxe
  • TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation sample card
  • White Status Younique Presenter Charm
  • September 2018 catalog
  • Younique Presenter Guide
  • YOUNIQUE purple faux-leather handbag

The Younique Presenter Kit is only $119 and includes a variety of make up products you can try and use.

So even if you aren’t interested in earning a 20-30% commission off your sales including your own make up and skin care product purchases.

You can still enjoy the products that are inside the kit, which is called being a “Kit Napper”.

As you can see in my January 2019 royalties=commissions or take home earnings.

I’ve already earned $134.35 this month which has covered the cost of my kit. So that’s super exciting!

(Keep in mind I invested money on this blog via WordPress and a tripod+circle clip-on-light πŸ’‘ for my iPhone πŸ“² to record video. Keep these business expense receipts kids because some expenses can be claimed on your next year’s taxes. Talk to your accountant about that one).

I didn’t realize I would like the products but I really do. I’ve never felt like a cosmetics company ever catered to me or the average woman. I’m so used to seeing make up put on these gorgeous models. But with Younique it’s real women who are using the products and I feel really grateful for being a part of that.

Here’s my Jan 2019 report:


  • Yellow Status Presenter πŸ™Œ
  • Over $500 in personal retail sales πŸŽ–
  • Earned my first commission πŸ’°
  • Made my first YouTube video 😎 (+😨)
  • And wrote some blog articles

^What this means in English.

Personal Retail Sales = total retail sales (retail price-> price charged to customer)

Wholesale Sales = total wholesale sales (wholesale price-> cost to produce product)

“Instant” Royalties = Means I get paid my commission $ right away. I don’t have to wait until the next pay cheque. Which as a single mom, I’m grateful for!

-Steph ❀️

Bio: Steph is a mom, RN and Entrepreneur. She enjoys sharing her tips to help others live a great life.

P.S. Follow me on social media Facebook page, instagram, twitter and YouTube.

February 2019 Goals

So what’s next???

Check out this blog post here

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