I have a confession… 🤦‍♀️

Hi 👋 peeps,

I have a confession that’s completely embarrassing to admit.

January was the craziest & busiest month ever.

  • We took a mini vacation to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls which was my daughter’s Christmas gift. 🎁
  • My kiddo had tons of rehearsals, tech week and then 6 shows for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland JR
My daughter & I on the set of Alice JR
  • Then she got sick with the flu 🤒 which turned into bronchitis
  • I started taking a course at Ryerson University
  • Plus I’m a nurse who works full time
  • A few snow storms to shovel out of

And as I sit here looking around my living room… I laugh at how sad this is but… my Christmas 🎄 tree is still up. 🤭

🤦‍♀️ Dies of embarrassment.

I guess this goes back to the Rubik’s cube analogy.

There were some things that took priority this month… a fun trip, the kiddos passion, my personal growth, the frickin snow ⛄️ and getting her healthy again.

The Christmas 🎄 tree and the dread I have getting all scratched up putting it away and hauling it back downstairs to the crawl space… did not.

So what’s the lesson here… 🤔

1. Become aware when you’re procrastinating.

2. Forgive yourself that life happens and things aren’t always perfect.

3. Get a box and take a few ornaments 🌟 down…. Er um… get started now even if you can only get 10 minutes in or 10 ornaments off.

At least you started. 🤷‍♀️

4. When you think of it or have some free time… come back and tackle the rest.

5. Consider getting a smaller tree that isn’t so heavy for next year. 🤔

And just think.

If you feel like you’re not doing good at life right now… just remember. Somewhere someone still has their Christmas 🎄 tree up and it’s almost Valentine’s Day!


-Steph 🎄

What have you been procrastinating on and need to tackle?

Bio: Steph is a mom, RN and Entrepreneur. She enjoys sharing her tips to help others live a great life.

P.S. Follow me on social media Facebook page, instagram, twitter and YouTube.

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