About Me

Steph Scott RN

Steph is a single mother, a Registered Nurse and Entrepreneur. She enjoys sharing her tips to help others live a great life.

When Steph isn’t blogging ✍️ she works as a Preop Assessment Clinic Nurse, takes courses at Ryerson University in Health Services Management and does freelance content writing for small businesses.

In her free time she loves to watch the Toronto Blue Jays, read personal development books and take Disney Cruises with her daughter Allie.

She loves motivating, inspiring and encouraging women to ultimately transform themselves to love who THEY are, to take care of themselves and to ultimately create the life of their dreams.  

Steph has been featured on The Hamilton Spectator, The Toronto Star, The Sachem, Hamilton Rising, The Everyday Health Blog, CH Morning Live, Woman With Soul and The Slice Network. She’s also a back-to-back winner of the Helen (Martindale) Ferguson Award.


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